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How do we calculate tie-breakers?

In a Strength-of-Schedule (or SOS, for short) event, each win is worth 1 point and each loss is worth 0 points. Your rank is determined based on the following, in order:

  1. Tournament Points
  2. SOS
  3. eSOS
  4. Random

SOS is calculated as specified in the FFG Tournament Regulations, including bye matches.

Divide each opponent's total tournament points by the number of rounds that opponent has played, add the results of each opponent played, and then divide that total by the number of opponents the player has played.

In a Margin-of-Victory (or MOV) event, each game is likewise scored as 1 point for winner and 0 points for the loser.

Additionally, an MOV for each player is calculated as that player's VP / the total VP of both playersfor each match they play.
In the case of a concession or tabling, the winner earns 100% MOV. In the case of a bye, the player earns an MOV equal to the average of all their other matches in the tournament.

The following tie-breakers are used in a Margin-of-Victory tournament:

  1. Tournament Points
  2. Average MOV
  3. Extended Average MOV (the average MOV of a player's opponents)
  4. Random